ABOUT ZANE RUNThe silhouettes of rusting steel mills. The haunting echos of a long defunct railroad system. The shuttered coal mines of a generation or two ago. And even earlier, a Revolutionary War battle that was won thanks to the sheer tenacity of one Betty Zane. These images serve as a back drop to the Upper Ohio Valley, and provide a physical history of the generations in the past that have led to this moment.

America was built here. The tenacity and wherewithal and hard-headedness that flows through the veins of this great place in America is bled out through the music of Zane Run.


Zane Run is Zeke Blake, Justin Rector, Dean Connors, Brad Wilson, and Jacob Moore. But Zane Run is much more than these five players. It’s the echo of a distant rifle on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It’s the party at the lake that lasts all weekend long. Its friends from college that will be friends forever.

In 2014, founding member Dean Connors sought out the answer to the question, “What does Wheeling, WV sound like?” This search led to other prominent musicians from the region, and one by one, the nucleus came together. Bridging different generations, gathering different influences, and collecting upon the past musical and life experiences has evolved into the experience that is….Zane Run.

Zane Run’s debut single, The Devil in Me, was released in late 2014. Immediately impacting local terrestrial radio as well as Pandora and I Heart Radio, The Devil in Me continues to sell steadily in the region as well as worldwide. No one could be more surprised than the guys themselves.

Lead singer and The Devil in Me songwriter Zeke Blake says, “I never ever thought a simple song I wrote in my college dorm room two years ago would ever see the light of day. Now I hear it on the radio and it just blows me away every time.”

Zane Run released their second single, the infectious, guitar driven Bonnie & Clyde in February of 2015. Bonnie & Clyde is a crowd favorite in the live show, and was also added to Pandora radio and I Heart Radio.

In May of 2015, Zane Run released their current single, How’s the Fishin’. Fishin’ tells a somber story of an American soldier getting deployed to fight for our country, his memories, and his yearning for those days out on the lake. A powerful video accompanies this wonderful song.

Zane Run’s live shows have rapidly become an event unto themselves. Turning clubs into concert halls, the party starts on the downbeat and by the time it’s over, audiences aren’t sure if they should go home or call their mothers. They throw down everything from Jason Aldean to AC/DC and everything in between.

Zane Run will be tearin’ it up on the road in 2015, playing clubs, fairs and festivals, and spreading the sound of Wheeling, WV as far as they can.


Zane Run’s guitarists Justin, Brad, and Jacob are all endorsed by Mesa Engineering Amps.
Dean is endorsed by Mapex Drums.

A smart bunch:
All five members of Zane Run have at least one college degree, with some members having more than one and Zeke and Jacob each have Masters Degrees.

An athletic bunch:
Zeke is quite the outdoorsman, being an avid hunter and fisherman, and loves his motorcycle.
Brad is a coach of a championship youth hockey team and still plays in an adult hockey league.
(Zeke and Brad actually met while playing in an adult hockey league.)
Justin is an avid golfer and former collegiate baseball player. He is also a fisherman.
Dean is an avid golfer, occasional hunter, loves baseball, and rides his motorcycle when time allows.
Jacob is a motorcycle aficionado, and likes to collect “old stuff” like guitars, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Brad is the band “techie” and repairs and builds much of the band’s gear.